The Reliable Solution for your Transportation needs

The Reliable Solution for Your Transportation Needs

Living with age-related difficulties, a disability, or an injury, among other health conditions, is not easy. There are a lot of challenges to face in one’s daily living, and this includes the inconveniences related to transportation. Mobility limitations or other constraints should not hinder anyone from getting to the places that they need or want to go to, though. Patients, seniors, and homebound individuals deserve the aid of providers of medical transport services.

If you or your loved ones need such assistance, then you can trust Pacific Medical Transport to provide quality transport solutions. Below, we list down the reasons why you should choose us to be your provider of medical transportation in Woodbridge, Virginia.

  • Reliable Team

    We are composed of team members who are committed to the well-being and safety of every passenger. Our courteous and well-trained personnel give utmost priority to the comfort and security of each client and their accompanying family member. Also, each driver and staff member has undergone rigorous background checks prior to employment.

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment

    We specialize in non-emergency transportation, utilizing well-maintained and well-equipped vehicles. We have the right equipment to help ease the difficulty of transfers, especially for patients who use a wheelchair. Our vehicles are also equipped with GPS tracking devices to ensure the safety of both the passengers and our drivers as well.

  • Timely Pick-Up and Drop-Off

    Missing appointments is not in our vocabulary. We work to the best of our abilities to ensure that each client is picked up and dropped off on time without compromising their comfort and security. Our GPS tracking also helps us keep track of our drivers and each vehicle, making sure that the individuals under our care get to their destination safely and on time.

Our exceptional fleet, including an airport shuttle in Virginia, makes us second to none. Also, our wide network of partners — private clients, hospitals, medical facilities, and insurance providers — is proof of the quality of our services. So, if you’re looking for a dependable transportation service provider, feel free to contact us.

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