The Convenience That NEMT Brings

The Convenience That NEMT Brings

Patients with various health conditions need to attend to their regular checkups and laboratory tests to monitor their condition, get proper treatment, and improve their health. Regular checkup is important since it can provide early detection of life-threatening diseases before worsening the patient’s condition.

Unfortunately, some patients miss appointments because of transportation issues. This prompted Pacific Medical Transport, a provider of safe and comfortable medical transport services, to accommodate the transportation needs of people who require frequent doctor’s check-up but don’t have a viable means of transportation.

We understand how it can be challenging for injured, disabled, and elderly individuals to travel. That is why we have specially designed our vehicles to meet the unique needs of every client we serve. Our non-emergency wheelchair or stretcher vehicles are well-maintained and fully-equipped with high-end safety devices and hydraulic lifts. Aside from that, we have professional drivers and other mobile staff who are proficient in performing first aid and CPR.

In this regard, our medical transportation in Woodbridge, Virginia can cater to the transport of both ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients safely and securely. They ensure that you are on time, safe, and comfortable in going to and from your medical appointments.

If you wish to get to your medical appointments and other destinations without hassle, call us today at 703-597-8734. Additionally, we also offer other transportation services, such as airport shuttle in Virginia, shopping center trips, and adult day care facilities. Secure a trip with us and experience an excellent and professional transportation services.

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