NEMT: What Are the Types of Fraud to Report On

NEMT: What Are the Types of Fraud to Report On

Medicaid has set certain rules that must be followed. If you have just recently booked for medical transportation in Woodbridge, Virginia to bring a senior to and from a doctor’s appointment, then you have to be aware of these rules. After all, when these rules are not followed, it will lead to additional costs that Medicaid has to pay, which in turn, can drain the funds available.

Knowing the Medicaid rules governing medical transport services can let you identify frauds and abuse. But generally, there are easy-to-identify frauds and abuse that you can pay attention to. Here are some of the incidents that can be considered as fraud or abuse:

  • The NEMT driver takes the client to a non-medical location other than their home.
  • The NEMT driver takes a longer road that adds extra mileage or time.
  • The NEMT provider chooses to bring an ambulance even when you can be accommodated in a regular or wheelchair van.
  • A client is sharing his or her Medicaid number just so others can avail of certain medical services.

Do your part in identifying these frauds and abuse. Once you identify these frauds or notice that an individual is breaking the rule, report the incident.

Pacific Medical Transport is a provider of non-emergency medical transport and airport shuttle in Virginia. We make sure to follow the rules so you can rest assured when you are using our services. If you have NEMT needs, call us so we can discuss them.

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