How to Support Loved One with Mobility Issues

How to Support Loved One with Mobility Issues

Taking care of a person who has mobility issues, like an elderly family member who is in a wheelchair, doesn’t necessarily mean that you limit their independence or their freedom to enjoy their favorite activities. Limited mobility may affect a senior’s day-to-day living, but supporting them along the day will greatly improve their self-esteem. 

How will you support them? Pacific Medical Transport prepared these simple tips:

  • Organize your home

    Keeping a safe and tidy environment at home makes it easier for people with mobility issues to move freely on their own and do whatever they find interesting. Make sure the communal areas are free from clutter such as electrical cord, extension wires, and unnecessary chairs and tables. But, in case of emergency, don’t hesitate to call for medical transportation in Woodbridge, Virginia, for faster assistance in your medical needs. 

  • Learn how to prevent accidents

    Accidents are unpredictable, that is why it is important to understand the needs of your loved ones with disabilities. Learn to lift and help them get in and out of bed, chairs, or the bathtub. Study proper lifting techniques from experts to make sure that you and your loved ones are safe. Research where to find the best medical transport services so you can easily reach and contact them whenever the need arises. 

  • Discover their interests and motivate them

    Know what your senior loved ones enjoy during their free time and support them by assisting them in doing their hobbies or interests. Bring them to the airport using an airport shuttle in Virginia if they love traveling or help them prepare their favorite pastries if they love baking. Take care of your elderly loved ones and help them carry out their independence despite their mobility issues. 

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