How to Save on Your Non-Emergency Transport Services

Many Americans with health conditions and undergoing treatments such as dialysis, rehabilitation, and other non-emergency trips often miss or delay their appointments because they do not have the appropriate transportation such as wheelchair transportation. Frequent medical appointments can also be financially straining especially for those who have a team of medical professionals looking after them.

Pacific Medical Transport understands this challenge. So we rounded up some tips on how you can save on your transport while saving on the cost of medical transport services.

  • Set-up appointments back-to-back if possible instead of booking twice in the same location. Check with your medical transportation in Woodbridge, Virginia if they can provide you with this service.
  • Ensure that the medical vehicle is clean—you don’t want to get sick because of germs, bacteria, and viruses you got from it.
  • Talk to your doctor and voice your concern about the frequent medical travel and how costly it is for you. Your doctor may be able to work out a schedule for you.
  • Be sure that your driver adheres to traffic rules and will take you to your destination safely.
  • Book your ride with us! We provide the best and exemplary transport services. Not only do we provide medical transportation needs, but we also offer various non-emergency transport services such as airport shuttle in Virginia, pharmacy or shopping center trips, schools, and adult daycares.

Don’t take our word for it, try us out and experience our professional and excellent transportation services. Contact us to get a free quotation for your next short or long distance non-emergency trip.

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