Having Trouble Meeting Medical Appointments of Your Elderly?

Having Trouble Meeting Medical Appointments of Your Elderly?

If you’re providing home care for an elder, then one of your main problems is mobility. It doesn’t matter if your elder is bound to a wheelchair or can still work, albeit requiring some assistance.

Elderly individuals can’t move as fast as we could. Thus, they require special services, especially when going out to attend medical appointments. It’s all good if you have your own car or van to ride to the hospital or clinic. If you don’t have your own transportation, however, availing of non-emergency medical transport services is recommended.

Non-emergency medical transportation in Woodbridge, Virginia will help ensure that you and your elderly loved one can get to your appointment safely and on time. This service is different from ambulance services, which are more suited towards transporting patients in life-and-death situations that need to be taken to the hospital as quickly as possible.

All you need to do is just give us a call to book your use of our services ahead of time. When the day of your appointment comes, you just wait for us, and we’ll come knocking at your door.

Here at Pacific Medical Transport, our vehicles are all designed to provide comfortable and safe transportation services for those with limited mobility. Our trained staff is also available to assist them in getting in and out of our vehicles. Additionally, we provide a transportation service for people with companions requiring special care, which is a medical airport shuttle in Virginia.

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